⊰ Meet your photographer. ⊱

Well, hey there! My name is Grace, and I'm a curly-headed photographer based out of KCMO. Seven years ago, I made the life-changing decision to turn my favorite hobby into a freelance business... And it's been an ever-upward journey since!

I've been fascinated by the power of a photograph ever since I was a tike. I remember spending hours with our worn-down household digital camera, always coming up with ridiculous poses, rearranging plush toys, and chasing butterflies in the backyard. I have always been a creative spirit, but nothing manages to light a fire within me quite like a camera.

Photography exhilarates me. Replenishes me. Heals me. And sometimes, if I'm given the power, I'm able to use it to help heal others.

Photography broadened my horizons in a lot of ways, but most notably, it has introduced me to what I coin as a "way of seeing." Having spent so much of my life looking through a viewfinder, my eyes have developed a lens of their own -- one that sees the breathtaking beauty in everything and everyone around me. My craft has allowed me to pass that lens around to others.

So, I offer you my invitation. Come and see what I see.

Let's grab a beer, get to know each other, and bring our creative vision to life!

⊰ Testimonials ⊱

⊰ Testimonials ⊱

“What Grace is able to do behind a camera runs much deeper then a simple photo session. She captures the heart and essence of her subjects in unique, playful, and thought-provoking ways. She creates a safe space for them to be themselves, to shed their skin, to allow her in. Her creative eye is rare, real, and so refreshing. I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for an artistic photo session to choose Grace.”